62500 - »Cheerful« Brasilian Briefs

62500 - »Cheerful« Brasilian Briefs

62500 - »Cheerful« Brasilian Briefs


Both those who are looking for lingerie made from natural materials and those who want a bit more seductiveness will like lingerie made from natural modal fibres with romantic lace in two colours. The back of these romantic Brazilian briefs is made from a transparent lace that emphasizes the seductiveness of the female body. These are confidence-boosting briefs.

-     romantic Brazilian briefs
-     the back part is entirely made from lace to nicely accentuate curves
-     leg cuts are smooth, without annoying elastic
-     soft modal mesh fells like a second skin
-     seductive trendy lingerie

Viscose: 6% Modal: 60% Polyamide: 26% Elastan: 8%