20239 - »Francis« SOFT T-Shirt Bra

20239 - »Francis« SOFT T-Shirt Bra

20239 - »Francis« SOFT T-Shirt Bra


The clean lines and aesthetics of minimalism of the Francis collection is evident in its soft elastic mesh, transparent inserts, and discreet edgings with a geometric pattern. Its SOFT foam cups provide exceptional comfort and softness.

-     SOFT foam cup bra
-     smooth cup surface without irritating edges
-     elastic geometric edging in combination with a touch of transparency embellishes the front area between the cups and the back
-     in larger sizes, the back made from transparent mesh is additionally lined with soft elastic tulle for better envelopment and comfort
-     a rhinestone between the cups as an embellishment
-     straps in the front are made from elastic edging, while in the back they are smooth and shiny
-     the fastening band and straps are adjustable and wider in larger sizes for an even better fit and greater comfort

Polyamide: 90% Elastan: 10%