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Lisca Cheek New era, same chic - starting from the 2019 fall/winter season, Cheek by Lisca has a new image. From now on, you can recognize it as Lisca Cheek with a new logo. However, despite these changes, the essence is the same: The Lisca Cheek brand will continue to bring trendy, playful and colourful collections for modern women who prefer chic, but wish to follow fashion trends and feel comfortable and conscious at the same time.

Therefore, the Lisca Cheek 2019 fall/winter collection brings youthful lingerie made from pepper-and-salt modal for women who love natural materials, but also for those who love playful elegance and lace details. It seduces with models that combine transparent fabric, lace and full fabric. We accentuate the femininity of curves with trendy details that make every model unique. For the moments dedicated to sports, we bring contemporary sports lingerie, which provides optimal support during movement, pushes moisture outwards and contains details such as light mesh, contrast stitching and elastic, making sure you are trendy even while moving and sweating. Apart from pyjamas, which round out the lingerie collection and ensure relaxed evening rest, this collection also contains lacy blouses that can be a romantic and noticeable choice for both work and special occasions.

The Lisca Cheek 2019 fall/winter collection is made for modern women who will be delighted by time tested yet trendy models such as high-waisted panties, a light bralette retro-looking bra and a seductive bodysuit. Choose contemporary chic with Lisca Cheek.

Youthful lingerie for modern women. Women who love natural materials will be delighted with our modern pepper-and-salt models made from modal, just like those seeking playful elegance and lace details. Contemporary designs ensure comfort and follow the most recent trends. Romance in two colours.

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Me Modern lingerie that seduces with transparency, lace and full material. Our lace material is characterised by a romantic print that combines geometry and flowers, while a transparent tulle ensures lightness. These models have narrow ornamental lace. Captivating and trendy details will maintain the uniqueness of every model and accentuate the seductiveness of different parts of the female body. Do not miss out on these fashion novelties: high-waisted panties, a light bralette retro-looking bra and a seductive bodysuit.

This lacy line of blouses is the ideal choice for both special occasions and work. Lace with a romantic and geometric pattern is combined with viscose that is slightly loose, all while comfortably fitting your body. Unique and modern cuts for romance or seduction.

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Whether you are just a fan of sports or play sports professionally, you need appropriate sports underwear. This new line fits your body optimally because the combination of microfiber and mesh enables maximum breathability, at the same time ensuring great moisture wicking. Tests have proven that female athletes should be provided an ideal fit and comfort during every activity. Wide elastic and remarkable details accentuate the sporty look, while cuts primarily focus on great support during movement. Novelty: modern Brazil bikini bottoms and boxers you can also wear as shorts.

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