Spring romance with Lisca Cheek - spring/summer 2020

She is delicate and romantic yet has passion for the things she cares about - such is the woman who inspired the Lisca Cheek spring/summer 2020 collection. Romantic flirtation with trends of the past, childhood memories, and our grandmothers’ secrets... The comfortable natural materials and nostalgic patterns of this lingerie and these pyjamas are upgraded by modern yet light cuts.

Timeless jacquard and lace that accentuate the female shape; the romantic softness of modal complemented by modern transparency and polka-dotted tulle; and lingerie made from the most cutting-edge and breathable materials for athletes at heart are just some of the reasons why the spring Lisca Cheek collection will surely find a place in your drawers. Modern enthusiasts will be cheered up by seductive high-leg panties and a non-padded bralette bra in two different, seductive variants.

Comfortable yet feminine pyjamas made from modal (for the first time in the Lisca Cheek collection), simple and versatile cotton t-shirts that we can combine with any piece of clothing in our wardrobe, cotton pyjamas with retro flower motifs or romantic t-shirts of a casual cut and with lace details - modern clothing in which we will feel great in the evening or during our daytime activities. Youthfully light and elegant, it complements the lingerie collection and allows us to daydream.

New era, same chic. Lisca Cheek.

Romantic yet seductive. Timeless underwear made from elegant striped jacquard fabric with a light shimmer. The luxurious lace is positioned differently on each model and emphasizes the female shape.

Modern wide elastic in the waist and decorative slightly shimmery straps ensure comfort. The nostalgic style of this lingerie is spiced up by its trendy cuts. Do not miss these exceptionally seductive panties with higher leg openings and this non-padded bralette bra - a fashion treat that will fit every woman. In black and white.

The novelty in the Lisca Cheek collection is provided by pyjamas made from comfortable modal mesh. Modal is a natural material soft to the touch that feels exceptionally pleasant on the skin. Pyjamas made from modal mesh are part of the Lisca Cheek collection for the first time. Comfortable, light, and above all seductive and feminine with transparent tulle details. In addition to the mandatory pyjamas and the sexy nightgown, do not miss the short-sleeved set and trousers for warm summer days.

Simple ribbed cotton t-shirts are the ideal choice for any day of the year. Three exceptionally wearable best-seller models fit the body nicely. The black and white striped pattern is always trendy and it can easily be combined with all the clothing pieces you have at home.

Lisca Cheek Romance

Gentle, natural, and contemporary. This lingerie made from modal combines spring romance with contemporary transparency using polka-dotted shiny tulle. This beautifully simple collection is livened up by an embroidered appliqué with spring flowers pattern and delights with its softness and gentleness.
You will want to show off its decorative straps underneath your clothing, but it also comes with additional simple smooth straps. Do not miss out on this transparent, non-padded triangular bralette bra - for real romantics. In gentle pink and pearly sand.

Cute pyjamas made from soft cotton mesh complement the gentle colours of the Soft Spot Collection lingerie in terms of colour and style. The colourful spring flower design on the bottoms with a zipper is responsible for their nostalgic retro style. The tops are simple and practical and can be livened up with a tight ribbon, an interesting detail that achieves a gently rugged look. The nightgown with fastening that extends low will be a smart choice for mums who breastfeed.

Romantic Soft Spot blouses are made from a light blend of viscose and polyester that allows the skin to breathe and is soft to the touch. Its cuts are casual, while its sleeves are contemporary and wide. Tulle with tiny flowers and lace on the sleeve hems for a romantic look. In black and nude pink. Elegant romance.

Lisca Cheek Soft Spot

Whether you are just a fan of sports or play sports professionally, you need appropriate sports underwear. »Energy« active underwear fits your body optimally because the combination of microfiber and mesh enables maximum breathability, at the same time ensuring great moisture wicking.

Tests have proven that female athletes should be provided an ideal fit and comfort during every activity. Wide elastic and remarkable details accentuate the sporty look, while cuts primarily focus on great support during movement. Styles you don't won't to miss: modern Brazil bikini bottoms and boxers you can also wear as shorts.

Lisca Cheek Energy