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When you get up a little late in the morning, when you miss the elevator, when the presentation at your meeting fails, when you run out of milk at night... you are still convinced that you can do it. So, wear the right thing. Don't just wear lingerie, wear feelings. Wear love, confidence, enthusiasm, warmth. Wear what you are feeling. That is exactly what inspires the Lisca Fashion collection.

Lisca Fashion lingerie for 2019 fall and winter is a feminine treat that you don’t want to take off. At your disposal are tiny dots which form a discrete graphic motif on a transparent mesh and provide an air of confidence; or an embroidery with twisted ribbons in organic shapes and translucent details on the panties – for those moments of distinct femininity and seduction; for times when you need even more determination, lingerie with masculine prints softened by romantic lace; or you can opt for lacy seductiveness with luxurious details – because sometimes it’s good to emphasize your femininity.

The most desirable cuts are joined by trendy models that delighted us in the last season – seamless foam softi cups, high-leg Brazilian panties with a high waste cut, high panties for discrete concealment or accentuation of the feminine silhouette… Bras without wire support offer optimal fit, make the cleavage naturally beautiful or enrich it slightly with a gentle push-up effect. Don’t miss the top and romper with foam cups – 2 in 1 – bra and “camisole” in one piece which looks modern and at the same time provides pleasant warmth.

Sensual models ensure excellent fit in a variety of sizes – from A all the way to H cups. Lisca again upgraded its lingerie line with a feminine and comfortable sleepwear program and outerwear. How we, women, will match them in our wardrobe is left to your imagination. Surrender to your feelings – with the Lisca Fashion collection 2019 fall and winter!

EVELYN – new season repeat line from Lisca
This lingerie is the ideal choice for fans of timeless lingerie with a romantic touch. Light and feminine models provide everyday comfort – they are designed from attractive elastic lace, laced and smooth knitwear, while decorative straps and glittery details give the lingerie a dash of elegance. The new season repeat line will also be available in the coming seasons.

The interior of the bra with foamy velvet cups is pleasant and velvety to the touch, the cups are smooth and the lace details are inserted into the side part. These bras ensure a seamless appearance under the outerwear. Interweaved transparent and opaque lace parts on sown bras with wire ensure subtle femininity. A special fashion treat are push-up bralettes, especially for those with smaller busts and 2 in 1 camisole with foam cups.

The thin lace without added elastic is completely invisible under clothing. High waste panties are discreetly padded on the front with functional tulle for a better fit, while the waistband is a modern flat thin glimmering elastic.

The new season repeat line will be available in black, white and red. Elegant and feminine lingerie for every day.

Lisca Fashion Evelyn

Lingerie to seduce and be seduced. Embroidery with an interlocking organic ribbon motif and transparent details on the panties is made for moments of extreme femininity. These elegant models are a blend of elastic pearly knit with transparent tulle inserts and modern embroidery, while decorative straps and metal details further emphasize the luxury.

The interior of the bra with foamy cups is pleasant and velvety to the touch, the design of the cups is smooth with added embroidery which is unobtrusive under figure-hugging clothes. Don’t miss the light wired bra with a thin breast seam, with available sizes up to E cup. The bra without wire support offers optimal fit and creates a naturally full cleavage. The panties range includes modern high-leg and high-waist models. This lingerie emphasizes your sense of style and elegance.

Lisca Fashion Emanuelle

Elegant lingerie for the modern woman. The dots form a discrete graphic motif – models play with discrete transparency and modern two-colour design. Empowering comfort and lightness.

A push-up bralette model with no wires is an unmatched fashion treat, especially for those with a smaller bust, and a romper with transparent cuts. Thanks to their thin elastic edges without added elastic, the models remain invisible under the clothes. This lingerie’s modern, clean lines discreetly emphasize femininity.

Lisca Fashion Electra

Trendy lingerie with male-female appearance for moments when we need more determination. The dot print forms a discreet zig-zag pattern, and elastic lace, monochrome trims and decorative glittering applications bring a touch of tenderness and femininity. Comfortable lingerie reminds us of the glimmering constellations in the dark night sky. Bras guarantee a seamless look under the clothes because the fabric is smoothly stretched and the leg openings on the panties are seamless and trimmed with romantic elastic lace. 

Lisca Fashion Estelle