Lisca Fashion - Confident Femininity

Satisfaction is reflected in a confident look, decisive walk, and a big smile. We can achieve anything with a positive mindset. The Lisca Fashion spring 2020 collection delivers fashion in which we will happily and confidently tackle visible and invisible demons while retaining our elegance and femininity.

The modern and romantic models of Lisca Fashion lingerie are adorned with delicate lace and modern embroidery, transparent inserts, seamless hems, and delicate botanical motif print. The harmony of carefully selected details combines seductive elegance and relaxed romance. The Lisca Fashion spring/summer 2020 lingerie collection boasts a palette of beautiful spring colours - English walnut, whipped cream, limitless crystal blue, pearly peach, stormy blue, and gentle white coffee - and carefully selected materials.

The seamless soft foam cups available up to size E from our wide selection of bra models will delight you; fans of luxurious fashion trends will love the Brazil high-waisted and high-leg panties, high-waisted panties for discreet cover-up or accentuation of feminine curves, and transparent lace details on the leg openings and bras, both in the front and in the back. Non-wired modern bras offer an optimal fit and create or enhance naturally beautiful cleavage by giving it a gentle push up effect. Women who want novelty will be won over by the interesting non-wired body which resembles a bralette.

The lingerie is complemented by an elegant nightwear line, while the trendy spring clothing you can wear while having a relaxed chat while sipping coffee or taking a leisurely stroll.

The feminine yet romantic elegance of the spring Lisca collection is inspired by a determined woman who dares to think of herself and wants modern, comfortable, and seductive lingerie and clothing, whether she wears cup size A or F.

Lisca Fashion. Wear the feeling.

Romantic lingerie for all women seeking comfort and luxury. The models in this collection are light, seductive, and slightly transparent. The luxurious flower pattern on the lace is accentuated by glimmering straps, wide elastic in the waist, and a beautiful metal decoration on the cleavage. Its foam cups are velvety and pleasant to the touch on the inside. This collection comes in modern English walnut and whipped cream colours, which make it an ideal choice for spring brides.
Among the models that will delight you are a push-up non-wired bra that can be fastened behind the neck, crossed in the back or in the classic style, sexy high-leg and high-waisted Brazil briefs, and an interesting non-wired body that resembles a bralette. You can also choose the non-wired foam cup bra or non-wired soft bra made for women who do not like to feel squeezed. The foam cup bra will offer great support to breasts up to size F.

Feminine elegance. Felicity pyjamas are made from comfortable modal mesh in combination with elastic lace material that adds slight transparency, while thin decorative lace runs along the edges. The pyjamas are a light whipped cream colour. A morning gown is a part of this collection. Wearing it with an elegant nightgown or simply over a body from the lingerie collection is an ideal combination.

Lisca Fashion Felicity


Clean and somewhat strict lines and minimalist aesthetics. The Francis collection combines soft elastic mesh, transparent inserts, and discrete edgings with a geometric pattern. Fans of smooth lines, seamless-looking cups, thin seamless hems, and discreet elastic edgings will be delighted with this collection, while its gemstone decorations add appealing details. The exceptionally feminine cuts of this comfortable lingerie will be available in spring white or stormy blue colours.

The transparent details on this light bra with a three-part support will accentuate the beauty of feminine curves. It comes in a great variety of sizes, up to E 95. This collection delights with a bra with seamless SOFT foam cups and straight cleavage, or with a push-up bra with less padding, which makes breasts appear larger, while retaining a more natural look. Apart from panties and Brazil bottoms, high-waisted briefs that hide the majority of your belly will be available as well, along with a top that can be worn as an interesting piece of clothing.

Trendy clothing for every day: Slounge or Home Wear for a relaxed summer rhythm or night time rest. The combination of stripes and single-coloured material playfully intertwine, matching the lingerie colours.
Both modern pyjamas of a sports cut and leisure clothing are made from a blend of viscose and elastane. They are perfect to wear for a pleasant chit-chat while sipping coffee, a relaxed stroll, recreation, or night rest.

Lisca Fashion Francis

Elegant, romantic, and classy lingerie. This gentle collection with luxurious embroidery is subtle and feminine. The embroidery has a spring-like motif of intertwining delicate flowers with the addition of transparent inserts and mesh that has a pearly shine to it. The models have double and swappable decorative straps. Attractive and comfortable cuts for everyday indulgences. We will recognize the gentle awakening of spring in pearly peach and crystal blue colours.
The transparent and embroidered details on the light and elegant underwired bra, available up to size E95, will accentuate feminine curves. The foam cup bra (up to cup size F) and the push-up bra have double swappable straps - decorated with embroidery or classic - that can be fastened behind the neck or in a classic style for different looks, depending on the clothes you are wearing. Fashion trendsetters will be delighted with this trendy high-leg and high-waisted panties.

Eternal elegance with a modern twist. In terms of colour, these pyjamas complement the lingerie from the same line and are made from wortex modal mesh. Satin hems, light transparent sleeves, and embroidered appliqués add a touch of variety and freshness. There’s sophisticated elegance in this soft material with a silky shine.

Lisca Fashion Florianne

Fabulous lingerie in which you will feel like a fairy that cautiously walks through the spring rain. The gentle and discreet flower motif print on soft mesh leaves the impression of youthful playfulness. The lingerie is characterized by decorative lace trims and feminine cuts, while the bras can be combined with a romantic shirt. The push-up bra has foam cups that are pleasant to the touch on the inside like cotton. The bottom finishes with thin lace trims without added elastic.
This collection comes in modern white coffee colour.

Lisca Fashion Fiona