12285 - »Rhapsody« Panty Briefs

12285 - »Rhapsody« Panty Briefs

12285 - »Rhapsody« Panty Briefs


Seductive lingerie with a romantic touch. These panty briefs are of an interesting cut in the front, with a luxurious detail of transparent embroidery that gently envelops your hips and accentuates your feminine shape.
The panty briefs accentuate your curves, while their trendy cut will make you feel confident and seductive. Modern lingerie with the right amount of transparency.

-     comfortable panty briefs
-     luxurious embroidery in the front and on the hips
-     decorative detail
-     thin decorative elastic
-     seamless hems on the leg openings for invisibility underneath clothing
-     seductive modern lingerie
-     curvy model wears briefs in size 42

Viscose: 1% Polyamide: 84% Polyester: 1% Elastan: 14%