10280 - »Rhapsody« Wired Lace

10280 - »Rhapsody« Wired Lace

10280 - »Rhapsody« Wired Lace


Embroidery is always pretty, sensual, and sexy. This non-padded underwired bra is light. Nevertheless, all the ladies can rest assured that it will provide ideal support to their breasts. It is perfect even for larger breasts because it is available up to size 85E. A shiny detail with gems between the cups provides the final touch.

-     underwired bra
-     light, non-padded, embroidered cups
-     decorative and functional foam hem on the bottom of the cups
-     decorative detail between the cups
-     ballet U-shaped back for a comfortable ideal fit
-     decorative back with an embroidery detail
-     adjustable decorative straps that are wider in larger sizes
-     available up to cup size E
-     curvy model wears bra in size 80/E

Viscose: 2% Polyamide: 88% Polyester: 2% Elastan: 8%