60445 - »Romance« T-Shirt Bra

60445 - »Romance« T-Shirt Bra

60445 - »Romance« T-Shirt Bra


This »Romance« foam cup bra is a playful yet seductive choice for all fashion trend-setters looking for optimal support and comfort. Its shape ensures beautiful cleavage and a seamless look under tight clothing. Underneath this comfortable and casual-looking bra hides a sexy detail which seductively envelopes the body on the sides.
Those in need of the cups sized D or E will be able to find this model under code 60446.

-     underwired foam cup bra
-     added lace and elastic underneath the cups offer more support and provide maximum comfort and fit
-     decorative bow between the cups
-     lace detail on the side
-     fastening ribbon and straps are adjustable and wider in larger sizes
-     youthful trendy lingerie

Polyamide: 70% Elastan: 30%