62512 - »Soft Spot« Briefs

62512 - »Soft Spot« Briefs

62512 - »Soft Spot« Briefs


Classic briefs never go out of fashion and are getting more and more comfortable. Soft Spot briefs will envelop you in the comfort and gentleness of soft modal. These light briefs have a transparent detail in the front. The soft elastic band that is complemented by the floral embroidered appliqué nicely envelops the curves, without leaving marks on the skin.

-     classic cut briefs
-     transparent detail in the front
-     elastic band on the waist
-     decorative detail, embroidered appliqué in the front
-     the softness and comfort of modal for women who love natural materials

Viscose: 3% Modal: 80% Polyamide: 11% Elastan: 6%