60450 - »Soft Spot« T-Shirt Bra

60450 - »Soft Spot« T-Shirt Bra

60450 - »Soft Spot« T-Shirt Bra


This foam cup bra with polka-dotted tulle is a seductive choice for all fashion trend-setters looking for optimal support and comfort, even in larger sizes. The polka-dotted tulle material over the cups is smooth and tight. Its smooth cup surface ensures beautiful cleavage and a seamless look under tight clothing. The back is made from modal fibres and will ensure complete comfort and a perfect fit.
The added decorative straps with an embroidered floral appliqué provide a romantic touch. Therefore, this bra can be worn with regular smooth or decorative straps.

-     underwired foam cup bra
-     smooth and tight material over the cups, perfect for wearing underneath tight clothing
-     the back is made from modal mesh
-     straps adjustable by length
-     additional decorative straps with embroidered detail are provided
-     youthful lingerie for great breast support, available up to size 85E
-     lingerie made from modal mesh for women who love natural materials
-     curvy model wears bra in size 80/E

Modal: 25% Polyamide: 57% Polyester: 7% Elastan: 11%